Home-game Cheating Awareness, Part II : Other Cheating Methods

Our 4-part series of articles will offer you a comprehensive guide to discover the different ways a file can attack and clean your house night, even if they are friends or acquaintances you trust over the years. If you've read our first article, will now be more wary of dealing with irregularities;. Now read on to learn other methods to be used at home, the game


A request for a minimal skill and preparation, collusion is definitely the most used and easiest way to cheat. It consists of an agreement between two or more players signal to each other at different times in the game as they are and when they win, they split the pot between them.

maneuvers: Each player agrees to discreetly give each other signals on the strength of their hands, and when one of them is engaged, while the other distracts the other players. Some of the signals for the exchange of information involves turning the hands of cards facing down after dealing with the outside, thus showing their number in a split second, but if you pay attention, colluding players can see the card. In addition, the colluding players can arrange to speak with a code that is invisible to other players.


Although it is permitted in some casinos, fishing consists of acting, when it's not the player's turn, thus affecting other players' actions, and when finally the player's turn, getting back on planned actions, thus affecting other 'fate in their hands. Players who use fishing is called "angle shooters", and some say it is more than just outrageous cheating.

Marking the card:

card can be marked clearly, noticeably close, or imperceptibly. To mark the cheating player must own the deck or have at least a lot of private time with him before the game.

to alert the players, the card labels can be divided into 4 types:

shadow . Manipulation of the card design with a very fine ink is applied with extreme precision, which is almost imperceptible.

daubing . Available in magic stores, special ink visible only with special sunglasses is applied to the marked cards, a poker game cheater game wears glasses.

Corner Crimp . Cheating player to reach, like on the card (top or bottom) and discreetly pushing it slightly away from the rest of the card, subtly turns the corner nearest inch or kaĹžiprst.Varati can do with all the aces or kings.

Thumbnailing . This technique consists of inserting the thumb nail in one of the edges of the card, barely breaking the card, but leaving a mark that is visible to a trained eye.

misinterpretation of hand:

is also called a bad call, cheat misrepresents your hands so that they enjoy in the calculation, but calling it something better than what it is. If unnoticed by the rest of the players, gets the money cheat, if caught, he / she innocently pretend that you were wrong and ridiculed. If you are not careful, too many of these errors may reveal the true agenda of the mug.

Pot interactions:

cheating can easily happen when putting money into the pot, or "making change" out of it, which may allow the defrag to run, but often the amount of money that favors his / her bankroll.

to avoid inappropriate handling of the pot, the players should follow the expected amount of pot. If the amount is less than expected, each player's bankroll to be reckoned with.

Prepared Deck:

be prepared to cheat by putting the deck wanted cards in strategic places before mixing and cheat would usually say the deck is already mixed. This trick is often used in fishing. The most basic deck-card which includes the preparation of previous designs are not symmetrical, and if the site design is different from some other card that will help you understand what you are cheater cards during the game. However, if the players move a card or deck is shuffled again before the next hand, cheating will lose her.

false Chips:

After the player purchased the fake $ 100 chips from the shop of souvenirs during the Rio 2005 World Series of Poker, chips are used by the players for tournaments, and since then it's cheating trend.Crvena engraving that identifies the chip as the official WSOP chip is not easy visible in all the chips, especially when stacked up, it confuses them with a false self.

Players can bring a stack of fake or steal them from previous games, and import them into the game. To avoid this, the host must be very protective of his / her chips, and if possible try to buy chips unique look, unlike the standard colors denominations, and keep them locked at all doba.Igra should be playing with house chips and nobody should be allowed to bring your own;. Unique looks chips to prevent fraudulent chips from being secretly introduced into the game

learning about all the ways you can expect to cheat the player for a boycott of your home games creates awareness of how the fraud by some of your acquaintances can be. However, detection of fraud and seeking justice in the home game can be difficult and challenging. In our next article, we will show you how you can protect your home from poker cheats.

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