Ashton Kutcher Alleged Mistress Sara Leal

Just a day after a report said betrayed husband Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore on the day of her sixth wedding anniversary, a new photograph showing Kutcher has become a car with a woman who looks very similar to the alleged employer, Sara Leal . Kutcher says he sleeps with him over the weekend during a trip to San Diego.

Previously reported Kutcher first met in the last Leal vacation, but the images taken from two during the summer showed a variety of situations. The same image leaving the show "Beacher's house crazy" at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood on June 1st.

After several days of silence from Kutcher and Moore, "Two and a Half Men" star Twitter a link to the Public Enemy "Do not believe what they say" early Thursday morning.

Moore has kept a low profile and will not appear Tuesday at an event at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. It is scheduled to attend the private sponsor Svedka "Bunraku" Art Experience with co-star Josh Hartnett and Ron Perlman.

Some reports say that divorce between Moore and Kutcher, and the struggle of good fortune is estimated $ 290 million, is near.

A source told Star magazine: "Ashton and Demi have separated and the marriage more than it is a very long time coming, but finally did so for the sake of Ashton is a serial cheater, and Demi can not now support .. Do not deserve to live like Him. That is a painful event for Demi. "

According to Star, who lived in opposite parts of the country, with Kutcher movie comedy in Los Angeles and Moore in the film "Magic Mike" in New York. Kutcher Twitter has indicated that it could sue the Star story. However, this is not the first time that Kutcher was accused of treason.

Last year, Brittney Jones claimed that he had sex with Kutcher in the house he shared with Moore. Jones also noted that Moore and Kutcher have an open and lovers together. At that time, the couple denied the charges through their lawyers. 

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