Modified Volkswagen Golf GTI, Make It Simple

VW Golf R 2012 - For some people, modifying a car the first time the engine had to give up her car to stay in the workshop in order to get maximum results. most of the way, the action taken is to implement a custom.

different to the Volkswagen Golf GTI 3-doors belonging to David Defjan who do not like 'complicated' but rather 'simple' because the owner did not want to leave her car in the garage for long. "I modified the engine because it is intended for daily. Therefore, I adopted all the parts that are plug and play. "Go to David. "Anyway it's easier if you like 'distandarin'." He added.

At first, David simply modify the exhaust system to replace seputaran 2,000 cc Turbo engine power can be increased. However, David still had not found satisfaction and changed back APR exhaust system with the following labels to the ECU. "Exhaust system of the APR has the advantage that if it were in the car, not heard his voice. But if outside, snout really the boss. "Said the man who lived in around Pluit, North Jakarta.

After enjoying the simple changes, finally succumbed to its dissatisfaction with David again replacing some parts on his Golf GTI. More ruthless this time back again to choose the APR as the flagship label of Turbo Kit, along with the Carbonio Intake and Intercooler. "I chose APR because these items have been adjusted, and has been in Indonesia." He said. The rest, so that the engine turns more lightly, replacing David Pulleys Neuspeed built a brand.

Satisfied the person who tinkers the engine, turn the other parts of the spy. The exterior on the VW Golf GTI was only done at a glance the changes are not visible. This time the scattered few items from Osir made from carbon that was ordered from the land of Uncle Sam, ranging from the hood, front lips, side skirts, spoiler, mirrors, and much more. For the sweetener the stern, a pair of rear lights perched Golf R-tech LED dashing replace the standard.

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