Burn the Belly Fat and Lose Love Handles

You get to a certain age when it seems like a never ending battle to get rid of the flab around the middle. Never fear, performing these simple exercises will get you dramatic results in less than two weeks. The most important thing about losing the fat belly is to take action. For maximum results, try to do these work outs every day. Don't over do it, try to  Fastest Way to Lose Belly Fat fit in as many work outs as you can. Having music playing will increase your performance and burn more fat.
Set goals which you can achieve quickly. Achieving your targets will propel you to burning fat faster, getting the perfect body.

On The Spot.

Run on the spot, perform jumping Jacks, kick you legs high as you can, do any exercise you like that will raise your heart beat with out getting bored. Raising How To Lose Belly Fat  you metabolic rate will burn fat faster. Continue for 3 Minutes.


Feet shoulder width apart. Knees slightly bent. Extend arms out in front. Lower your butt as if to sit, don't allow your knees to go over your toes. If possible lower your butt to a 90 degree angle with your knees. Hold for couple of seconds, then return to standing position. Don't lock the knees, repeat for 3 minutes.


Lie down, back to floor, knees bent. Flatten your back against floor, lift your shoulder blades about two inches from floor, breathe out as you come up. Hold for 3 seconds, exhaling while you lower your self. Repeat for 3 minutes, ensuring to preform this exercise perfectly, straight neck and lines.
Alternate exercises, the plank, sit ups and cardio are very effective exercises to burn belly fat and lose weight. Incorporate fat burning exercises into your daily routine, take the stairs not the lift, walk to shops, get up ten minutes earlier, perform these exercises in the morning and evening.

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